We stand by our products

At iStore Phone Repair we stand by our products 100%. Unlike many places you will go to we do not just fix your product and hand it back over and then want nothing to do with it. We are different!

All of our products are given a one year warranty. The warranty does not mean that if the glass breaks we will replace it again for free however lets say after we work on your phone it is over heating or your battery is not holding it’s charge we want to take care of it, and we will do that for free!

We know that your digital device is your connection to many people in your life and we want to get you connected to them as fast as we can. 90% of all phones we have come in to the store can be fixed in under 20 minutes, and in most other cases they can normally be fixed in less than a day.

Also when we are fixing a product we only use OEM parts, which means when you have ANYTHING fixed by us you are getting the same parts Apple, Samsung, or any other manufacturer used when your phone was brand new!

We Will Fix It!